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002 – My First $100,000 Month: A Case Study

In this episode, I share with listeners how I sold my first $100,000 in products and services in less than 30 days.

I talk about the mindset, my financial situation of making $24,000 in the previous 12 MONTHS!

I share the one small hinge that swung the big door and changed my financial destiny.

I read from my book, “More Clients Today – 47 Free and Cheap Premium Client Sources & The Simple Strategies to Get Even More Clients Starting Today.

Whether you’re making in the mid to high five figures a month or if that is one of your goals, take a listen to this week’s podcast.

I’m keeping it fresh and real.

This is podcast version 2 where I read from a book.

IF you have written a book, you have everything you need for a profitable podcast, a year+ daily social media posts, and the outline of your high-ticket product or service.

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