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Never worry about where your next clients are coming from. This book teaches you 47 unique client sources and the strategies to draw clients to you and create systems to automate them.

Imagine joining the top 1% of your industry and have a queue of clients waiting to work with you.

You and I know that those who have created the most success have developed the demand for their premium services through how they communicate their value and the reputation of how they deliver results.

In this book I cover,

  • Online and Offline Sources
  • Local and Global Reach
  • Free and Cheap Connections

You will get both conceptual overviews and multiple tactics and strategies for winning with each source.

Many gurus teach you their 1 way (Facebook ads, YouTube videos, Google Adwords) all fantastic, but what happens when overnight the advertising platform changes again?

It is an entirely different picture when you have set up ten or more client streams independent of eachother.

You'll learn how to get your next client today as well as how to set up 10 or more client streams.

Get The New Book, "MORE CLIENTS TODAY" and Instantly Access All 7 Bonuses Below

3 All-New, Exclusive, Quick-Start Training Videos:  

  •  1. Get More Clients - Deep Dive into my first attempt at Premium Offers - $131,411 within 60 days and how to copy what I did
  •  2. Increase Profits - 10x model, that can set you up for ongoing success into the future 
  •  3. Do It In Less Time - How to skip all the busywork and have your goals move toward you faster. This goes far beyond being productive or efficient

3 Video & Email Templates Geared for Response from Ideal Clients:

  •  The JV Partner Ask Formula
  •  Instant Response Email Formula
  •  Master Marketing Video Template

1 Profit Funnel Blueprint:

  •  The Online Premium Offer Funnel Blueprint

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  •  The 3 Templates for your Marketing Videos, The Magic Email Formula or the JV Partner Ask
  •  The Premium Funnel Blueprint

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