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Your 7-Figure Authority presence

Elevated & Unified Presence & Message

Many experts go about their marketing in a piecemeal fashion. They’re great at their craft, but they are poor communicators of their value.

We’ve all had setbacks in our businesses due to what life throws at us. Authority Marketing Films helps you stage your big comeback.

Refocus and recenter your message and elevate your image so that the top 10% of your market, your ideal clients, clearly understand your value, immediate relevance in their life or business and desire to hire you.

We help you become recognized as the Real You; the up-leveled, put-together, powerful, clarified, decisive, singleness-of-focus YOU.

Once your message is tuned in, you have your imagery in alignment with your highest version of yourself, and you stay congruent and consistent, you become MAGNETIC.

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Comprehensive Cinematic Marketing

Unmatched Authority Media Syndication

We create your complete, elite-level organic marketing for an entire year in a day and a half vip production.

Expand Your Reach Through Syndicating Your Authority Message

Many online marketers go for the quick dollar, use tacky techniques and inauthentic language to manipulate audiences into buying.

On the other end, professional videographers will shoot beautiful videos of you. Yet, when it comes to the marketing angle, they are clueless, leaving you with a video commercial or a few videos that fall short of your revenue goals.

Authority Marketing Films is different; we know you are in this for the long run and we build upon your foundation of excellence and value while protecting your name and brand while focusing on big wins and profit.

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1-1 Coaching


VIP Strategy Day

There comes a time when experts find their time is far mover valuable serving their clients, writing their next book, keynoting on the world stage, or simply have systems that allow them to travel and spend time with their loved ones. 

Asynd Media One is a 2-Day Production where we strategize, and capture everything your business will need for you to not touch your social media nor marketing for a year or more while experiencing explosive growth of your business. 

Includes the Infinity Program plus…

  • Printed & Digital Book
  • Social Media Management
  • Call Setting Team
  • Sales Team
  • Onboarding Specialist
Complete, Turn-Key, Hands-Off Elite Marketing. 

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