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7-Figure Authority brand relaunch

90-Day Brand Relaunch Intensive
This program is for experienced coaches and consultants who have a history of helping their clients get results.

As an entrepreneur,  you know well how the ups and downs of life can distract us from our original dream and our love of what we do.

The consequence is a slowly declining business, serving far fewer people, charging far less, doing the things we don’t enjoy, and feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by the situation we have created.

This program allows you, the subject matter expert, to refocus, re-frame, re-energize, and stage your big comeback.

You’ll rebrand under a new, revitalized authority presence and have a message that is far clearer and much more attractive to your idea clients.  

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1-year expert media syndication
2-Day production

Unmatched Authority Infinite Syndication
In a private 2-day production, we capture elite-quality video content that will be used over the course of the next 12 months.

 This all-inclusive production will expand your reach through syndicating your authority message.

Many internet marketers go for the quick dollar and use tacky techniques and inauthentic language to manipulate audiences into buying. This diminishes your brand and your reputation. 

On the other hand, professional videographers will shoot beautiful videos of you, yet are clueless about using those videos to attract high-quality, high-ticket clients.  Even spending tens of thousands of dollars often leaves you with a commercial or a few videos that fall far short of your revenue goals.

Asynd Media is different. We build upon your foundation of excellence and value while protecting your name and brand, focusing on big wins and profit in an ethical and effective way that you’ll be proud of. 

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