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Powerfully Communicate Your Highest Value To The World & Attract The Most Committed People who are Ready to Work With You

As an entrepreneur, the next step in your evolution is to take control of your media and your messaging.

You need to be able to get super clear on your message. To start, you’ll need to determine where you are going and what you want. That is why you will find #7 The Limitless Mindset & #25 The Ultimate Clarity Template.

From there, you can choose what to offer from FREE, to $20,000-$100,000 and beyond with #8 The 10X Product Ladder.

Whether you want to write a book, #6 How I wrote an Amazon Best Seller for $105 and the funnel I created to sell it #18 Book Funnel with Up-Sell, Podcast, Start a Podcast with #20 Intro to Podcasting or create better videos and livestreams #10 How to Shoot Better Videos with the Smartphone You Already Have, and #13 Your First Livestream to Your Own TV Channel, You’re Covered.

From There, you can learn more about how to position yourself with #21 Creating Your Million Dollar Brand, selling high-ticket solutions through #19 High Ticket Sales Through Conversation and #23 Offer Payment Plans (when necessary) AND Get Paid In Full NOW.

You’ll learn how to market by having your best clients do the marketing FOR you FOR FREE through #14 Collect Testimonials That Do The Selling For You#10 How to Connect with More People Through Your Videos and #4 How to Get More Clients with Social Media and what to write, speak, stream or video with #17 The Wheel of Fortune Content Strategy.

You’ll learn how to build your email list with #16 Your Online Profit Funnel and #3 Expand Your Business Through Simple Partnerships – This is the strategy that brought me $134,000 in sales within 60 days and a list of 63 people.

Offer your transformational 6-12 week coaching or mentoring group program with ease and for free with #9 Creating Your First Online Premium Course. This is your $500- $3,000 online offering.

You’ll see there are even more. All to equip you with the knowledge to be even more free to create what you need to.

You’ll find that these trainings are all solid training. They are collected over the last three years and are all relevant to your next steps. You’ll hear me train on behalf of my different companies, so know that I’m the author and owner of 100% of this content.

Now, What are YOU going to AUTHOR and OWN? What are you going to put your name to?

Do you see how you could be SOVEREIGN through understanding the entire process? Those trainings that I’ve paid tens of thousands of dollars to be a part of, travel to, the masterminds and mentorships that I was enrolled in for months, I HAVE DISTILLED DOWN to 30-60 minutes lessons. This is the meat.

So, Watch these videos. Take notes on how each moment applies to you and your mission. Don’t listen passively, be active, brainstorm, destroy your notebook as the ideas come pouring into you, write, write, write. Flag your best ideas and choose 1, 2 or 3 things that you can implement into your life and business today.

All the best to you.

Matthew J Peters
Authority Marketing Films

Connect with me directly at

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  1. Top 10 Consultant Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Business & How to Right Them!
  2. How to Sell More Consulting Services
  3. Expand Your Business Through Simple Partnerships
  4. How to Get More Clients With Social Media
  5. Sell More Information Products Online
  6. How I wrote an Amazon Best Seller for $105
  7. The Limitless Mindset
  8. The 10X Product Ladder
  9. Creating Your First Online Premium Course
  10. How to Shoot Better Videos with The Smartphone You Already Have
  11. How to Connect with More People Through Your Video
  12. Getting More Done by Creating Simple Systems
  1. Your First Livestream to Your Own TV Channel
  2. Collect Testimonials That Do The Selling For You
  3. The Top 10% of Your Market is Waiting For You
  4. Your Online Profit Funnel
  5. The Wheel of Fortune Content Strategy
  6. Book Funnel with Up-Sell
  7. High Ticket Sales Through Conversation
  8. Introduction to Podcasting
  9. Creating Your Million Dollar Brand
  10. Music & Media in Our Livestreams
  11. Offer Payment Plans & Get Paid in Full Now
  12. Why Lighting is so Important
  13. The Ultimate Clarity Template
  14. How to Increase Your Profits with The 10x Strategy
  15. Other People’s Lists – Partner Strategy
  16. How to Complete More in Less Time
  17. Mobile Video Marketing – Sell Your Premium Services & Products