Diana Rowan

San Francisco, CA

Harpist, Author, Performer & Educator

This has been a life changing journey for me, my students, and many other important people in my life. Thank you for helping me work out my feelings, intuition and dreams into a reality. The changes are now in motion and have impacted many lives profoundly and positively, and this is just the beginning!

Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo

Chicago, Illinois

Psychologist, Best-Selling Author & Speaker

I highly recommend Authority Marketing Films for anyone looking to use videos to build their business!

Todd Gaster

Texas, USA

Instructor 7th Summit

I believe I have a specific calling, a specific mission. And by using this medium and your help, being able to affect many more lives.

Most people don’t even know that what I do exists, so they know they need help - they just didn’t know where to find it before. You’re really getting this message out to the masses.

Do you have a message to share? Do you have a gift that you want to get out to the masses? I highly recommend that

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