Evolution Workshop Scholarship

This will work for you if you are DEDICATED to make it work, you must be willing to change what you’re doing now to get different results than what you are right now, yes?

Here is what the training includes:

  1. Week 1: Compelling Calls to Action & Amazing Offers [instant access]
  2. Week 2: Creating a Million-Dollar Brand
  3. Week 3: YouTube Optimization & Branding
  4. Week 4: Power Sharing for Impact & Testimonials That Sell For You
  5. Week 4: Easy Video Creation with Mobile Devices

This behind-the-scenes training will show you backstage examples of my top client work and how we approach video marketing for high-end experts.

Tuition $3500

Charter Member Scholarship Price: $1997 [WEBINAR ONLY]

Right now, I am including bonuses that add to the process.

  • Bonus 1: 4 Weekly Private Live Q&A + Workshop Calls/GoToMeetings
  • Bonus 2: Premium Funnel Setup Training [instant access]
  • Bonus 3: Private Facebook Group [instant access]
  • Bonus 4: A 1-1, 15-20 Minute Rapid Implementation Call
  • Bonus 5:  5th Week Q & A LIVE
  • Bonus 6: Outsourcing & Delegation Training [instant access]
  • Bonus 7: 6-Figure Mindset Call Recording
  • Surprise Bonuses [instant access]

Tuition $3500

Charter Member Scholarship Tuition $1997 [WEBINAR ONLY]

If you are serious about taking action and getting results with your media that lead to increased profit, a clearer message, a professional brand and a platform in your industry as thought leader, this is for you.