The Empyrean Program

The Empyrean Program is our Premier VIP service for those who desire the very best in Authentic, Up-Leveled, Organic Marketing.

Our agency creates an overarching 12 month strategy for the organic marketing of your business, then we implement, we capture, create properties and media for you and give you a unified presence you will be proud of.

We have designed the program to be the most efficient use of your time – allowing you to invest the majority of your time in your craft and serving your clients.

Here is an overview of what to expect. All program details will be emailed to you:


  • Co-create an individualized marketing strategy to reach your desired goals
  • Create your “Million Dollar Brand” online presence
  • Assist you in organizing your highest value content


  • Capture a year of your high value marketing content in a single day of video production. Clients average 45-60 videos.
  • Shoot professional photos
  • Unify new presence across all social media
  • Create a rapid funnel for lead collection

Post Production

  • Edit all videos. Add custom logo animation, music, call to action graphics, lower thirds.


  • Organize your content and publish it each week like clockwork across the internet on sites like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, iTunes, LinkedIn, blog, HTML email and more.

Book & Magazine

  • Transform your video series into a Kindle Book
  • Feature you on the cover and in Authority Empire Magazine


  • Write Press Releases and syndicate through PRweb
  • Book interviews on relevant podcasts

We look forward to bringing your message out to the world in a powerful, elegant and effective way with a new, targeted marketing strategy presence that gets you seen everywhere.

We limit the number of clients to never exceed 12.

Make Deposit & Secure Your Spot via PayPal.

Once your deposit is paid, Fiona Peters will reach out to you within 24 hours to get underway. You will be assigned a Producer that will work with you personally through the entire project.