Evolution 6 Month Program

Over the years I have hired many 1-1 coaches, I’ve bought online trainings, I’ve held my own online trainings and I’m in high-level masterminds and I’ve seen some opportunities for integration and improvement.

I’ve put together something that is truly unique to help more people accomplish everything they wanted to.  This is THE program my clients have asked me for to help them move forward in their business, be seen as a voice of influence and complete goals.

The evolution program is a program of ACTION. There is a learning component and you will be taught everything necessary, however nothing happens without action. We can grow, we can feel better about ourselves, but learning information is not going to magically make us a leader. As my friend Jesse Elder says – leadership is an action not a position.

Set the standard for yourself and you can ask the same of your clients. Those ready to succeed will be drawn to your striving for excellence – while those looking for easy ways out, staying small and relying on excuses will be repelled.

I am excited for you and for what we are about to accomplish together. Know that I and your peers will be expecting your very best and will be supporting you and cheering you on all the way.

Matthew J Peters

Accelerated ways to achieve your business and personal goals

Program Concepts:

  • Be Intentional About Everything – create your reality through choice
  • Hold The Line – set a standard of conduct
  • Own Your Outcome – take responsibility. Every result comes from actions

Outcomes from Evolution:

  • Having a unified presence online that you can be proud of
  • Elevating all future communication
  • Becoming an authority & thought leader in the eyes of the public and peers
  • Creating an operating online funnel
  • Taking command of your day to get 10x more done with ease and grace
  • Selling with authenticity
  • Offering programs and services that don’t stress you out
  • Creating an individualized master plan
  • Accessing straightforward trainings to help you get to your next goal faster
  • Completing assignments on time or early
  • Being in a community of respected peers
  • Having accountability group
  • Having the help of a caring, honest & innovative mentor

Program Syllabus:

6 months: May 28th 2015 – November 30th 2015

Mindset: How to set your intention and create a new breakthrough reality

Goal Setting: With intention and total expectancy of hitting the goal, set them

Time Control: 10x your productivity through telling your hours what to do

Message: Define your mission, cause and legacy

Visual: Determine how your look; colors, wardrobe, makeup

Voice: Develop your physical voice & authoritative voice in the marketplace

Presence: How people perceive you on camera and in person

Calls to Action: Compel prospects to click, call or buy from you

Authenticity: Freely speak your mind and attract the top 10% of your market

Social Media: How to create thought leadership through posting

Syndication: Take one message and repurpose it

Selling & Positioning: How to sell your premium service

Delivery: Offer services or products with high profit margins and low stress

Delegation: Create a tight-knit team of as-needed assistants

Direction: Understand what you need & communicate it

Producing: Move out of DIY & be the producer of your work

The Actions:

  • Record videos
  • Write posts
  • Create memes
  • Define offers
  • Make offers
  • Craft Emails
  • Create landing pages & funnels
  • Serve without stress

Why You Will Win:

  • Accountability
  • Deadlines
  • Weekly Goals
  • Long Term Goals
  • Focused Building-Block Actions
  • Feedback & Support From Peers
  • A Dedicated Mentor
  • Finally Break-Through Blockages
  • You Will Find Time To Be Quiet

What this will do for you WHEN you follow the training and take the actions

  • You will NOT be the same person at the end of the course as you were going in
  • Your outlook on life, possibilities and your income will be radically changed
  • Your business will no longer look like a hobby
  • Your voice will be heard as a leader not as a follower or copycat
  • You will have achieved things that you have been frustrated with yourself about not achieving over the years
  • You will learn life-long skills that you can use in your life and leadership of others

Action Group of 12

Group of no more than 12 peers each with a mission to influence the world to shift it to something better

The course is a total of 6 months

May 28th 2015 – November 30th 2015

Tuition $12000

Webinar Only Tuition $9997

3 Payments of $3333 paid within the first three months

This 6 month program is a total of 5 months of training and action with the final 30 days of the program (month 6) is all about completion. 6 months to create quantum leaps in your business.

Bonus 1: 

Invitation to 2 days in Sarasota, FL

  • 1-day hot seat in Sarasota FL – Date TBD
  • The night of, we’ll celebrate all of your achievements over the last 6 months and look toward your bright future.
  • Day 2 is a work day where we will take immediate actions on the next steps from the hot seat the day before. I will be there to help everyone

Bonus 2:

On the second day in FL, we will have our fashion photographer there to take new professional photos of you for your website, thumbnail images, Facebook, linkedIn, banners, anything. You’ll receive and OWN the un-watermarked RAW images to do with what you like. That is unheard of anywhere else.

This is a $1,500 value. You’ll get the top 2 photos photoshopped by our photographer.

Bonus 3:

You’ll be featured inside Authority Empire Magazine and I will Announce and Introduce you publicly on all of my social media. Everyone LOVES IT. It’s been a real hit and we’ve received nothing but praise on it from clients and readers. Easily share your interactive article or the whole magazine with issuu.com. Couple your professional photos with the authority of being featured in a magazine – that is powerful!

Being featured in this magazine gets you exposure in front of each of the audiences of the other leaders featured on and in the magazine. Each individual is ecstatic about being in the magazine and they share it like crazy through their social media channels.

THIS ALONE IS WORTH $10,000 in exposure to top level audiences and positioning you as an authority. The online magazine has interactive links in your article and your call to action go back to your landing page where people can get to know more about you and your offer.

Limitation of Liability

You are responsible for your own decisions, actions and results in your business.  By purchasing the Evolution program, and your signature below, you agree to forever indemnify and hold harmless Matthew J. Peters and Expert Video Empire, Inc. from and against any loss, cost or expenses resulting from your activities related to the Evolution program.  We cannot guarantee your financial success as a result of your participation in the Evolution program as success depends on multiple factors.