Evolution 6 Month Action Group

Michael Gebben

Diana Rowan

Jessica Louise Li

Outcomes from Evolution:

  • Having a unified presence online that you can be proud of
  • Having a Master Plan – Map out your year of content, marketing plan & premium services
    Elevating all future communication
  • Becoming an authority & thought leader in the eyes of the public and peers
  • Creating an operating online funnel
  • Taking command of your day to get 10x more done with ease and grace
  • Selling with authenticity
  • Offering programs and services that don’t stress you out
  • Creating an individualized master plan
  • Accessing straightforward trainings to help you get to your next goal faster
  • Completing assignments on time or early
  • Being in a community of respected peers
  • Having accountability group
  • Having the help of a caring, honest & innovative mentor
3 monthly payments of $3333