How to Be Recognized as The Leader Of An Industry

matthew j peters“Sometimes being recognized as the leader of an industry requires one to show up as the exact opposite of what they have been and multiply it by two.”

For years as the “iPhone video guy” I served a hungry market that needed help starting out creating videos with their iPhones. I saw a need and I filled it. I did everything well on a shoestring budget.

Yes, my training videos have helped thousands of people capture their message and market themselves – yet it was not who I AM at my core.

My heart is to do everything with excellence – as if doing it for God. When I serve others at my highest, I am working in my zone, living out my purpose. Everything has so much more significance and meaning when I do. As it is for you.

Thats why after making the decision, I changed everything externally to better communicate what I felt and what I realized internally. I decided to be more transparent, to play at a much higher level, to invest in and associate with the respected leaders of various industries.

Sure, I still serve people with my iPhone videos – all of those hundreds of videos are now free and in automated systems. However, it usually isn’t the technical aspects that hold people back from ultimate success.

Experienced coaches can see it within a 1-5 minutes of talking with a perspective client. People are either following their passion or their following somebody who has influence over them. First thing I ask them to do before I even consider working with them is for them to go back and take the time to determine who THEY are. It will not help them in the long run for me to amplify and help build their Empire on shifting sands.

I serve people with grand visions; world changers, influencers and people driven by purpose. When they speak about what they do, they their energy goes up, they get emotional, I see stars in their eyes, determination and love.

I AM thankful that every day I made the decision to switch from shooting simple little videos to serving amazing people at the highest level.

Every project we create is a step up from the last. Always asking, what did we learn from this? How can we do better? What is the next step up?

I regularly ask each person in our company to play a bigger game, to be even more creative. How can we make their job more enjoyable, easier, less stressful?

I’m creating a company of passionate people who choose to put even more of their love of their craft into what they do.

I’m not interested in a temporary launch, ninja technique-of-the-month or hype. Empires are built on rock. Value, quality, passion, vision and authenticity all attract.

That will never go out of style.


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