Edit Your Videos WITH YouTube’s Online Editing Tools

Ever wonder which video editing program to purchase?

My short answer for busy entrepreneurs, DON’T EDIT YOUR VIDEOS YOURSELF!

Okay, I know that won’t satisfy most of you so here’s what you can use for FREE. I always recommend that you start free or cheap and work your way up to fit your needs. Too many peoplespend $200-$800 on software that they would use to do what YouTube will do for free.

there are two levels of editing your video on YouTube:

  1. Tweak picture, trim, include an audio track, 150,000 songs for free
  2. Actually Edit your videos. Ad additional videos, transitions, audio track, titles and more

With that said, here is my principle when it comes to entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, trainers working with their video…

“If it takes you more than 5-10 minutes to do your pos-tproduction (everything AFTER you stop recording), then don’t do it yourself. Which means, either you upload your video the way it is to YouTube or your website or you hand it off to someone you delegate your video stuff to.

The cool thing about it is once you upload to YouTube in HD, all you need is a link for your video person to work with your video. You don’t need to give them access to your account and you don’t even need to make your video PUBLIC for the world to see before it is ready!

To see the editor, log into your YouTube account and visit http://www.youtube.com/editor

So here is my recommendation:

  1. Shoot your video and trim it on your mobile device
  2. Upload it to YouTube and enter brief title, description and tags with your mobile device
  3. Once it is on YouTube do one of two things
    • Tweak the title, description and tags yourself
    • Notify your assistant that there is a new video for them to process for you! You can even automate the notification, but that is for another day.

Get out of the habit of doing every aspect yourself. Be proud of your content, not your editing skills. Get someone to help you out with your editing, keywords, links, annotations, Closed Captions, Transcriptions, etc. If you can make more than $5/hour, than hand them off to other, more qualified people.

To find out more about delegating your video work to other people for cheap, go tohttp://mobilevideoignition.com and get my free guide on mobile video and 4 free video series.

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