Easy Ways to Get Customer Video Testimonials

We all know social proof is the reason most people buy. Testimonials from friends and believable strangers get prospects to become customers, clients or patients. Through the last 5 years or so the proliferation of FAKE review sites and phony written testimonials have made the Federal Trade Commission come down hard on what testimonials could and could not say.

The problem, fill in the blank software that generated “Madlib-style” reviews with randomized first and last names along with randomized city and state. “One-click” cloning sites and data scraping sites that ripped content from one site or another to support phony claims of another product. It became a real mess. Who do you trust?

We trust people we can see. We like to look into people’s eyes and judge their intentions. That’s why video testimonials are key to believability.

Which would you believe more?

  • Written review with name
  • Written review with name and city
  • Written review with name, city and photo
  • Recorded phone review
  • Personal, talking-head Video review

Video is the obvious winner. Why, we are not just reading the words, we’re judging all of the nuances as well.

So how do you collect video reviews from your satisfied customers? You could…

  • Capture it in your office or shop
  • Capture it at their location
  • Send them a little flip cam in the mail, have them record something and send it back to you (as I’ve seen a well-known video marketer say)
  • Ask if they have a web cam and send them a link

Embedding a webcam recorder within your website I believe is the second best to recording them in your office or shop.

Here are a list of services that can allow you to put the webcam recorder within your website or will give you a page within their site. though some of them have an app for iPhone, it is yet another thing that may be too much for your customer to do.

Key Ideas:

  • Make the barrier of entry as low as possible. Remove any unnecessary steps and make the directions CLEAR. Once you’re created your instructions, hand it to a 6-year-old or grandmother to follow. If one service is more expensive than another, but takes fewer steps, you’ll probably collect more reviews. Go with the more expensive service if it is close
  • Determine a reward or thank you gift to compensate them for their time. DO NOT PAY FOR THE REVIEW, compensate for their time
  • Give them 1,2 or 3 questions to answer. Their answers should set the prospect’s mind at ease when they hear it. It should answer the next prospect’s biggest fears or concerns.

I recently ran a contest and received 11 video reviews in 10 days. That was 11 more than I had before! Start collecting video reviews as soon as possible.

Don’t feel like you have to pay $60 or more a month every month for the service. Give yourself and your clients 7-10 days to record their review or testimonial to qualify for a contest or get a free coffee house gift card or something else as a small thank you.

Collect the testimonials, download them or upload them to your YouTube channel and turn off the service. You can save the monthly charges if you front-load your testimonials.

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