Ask Matthew: iPhone vs. Samsung Galaxy Note for Video Recording

Samsung Galaxy Note Vs iPhone for Video

I love the fact that you are focusing on mobile video solutions.
As someone that has yet to drink the Apple-aid what do you think about using android phones like the new Samsung Note vs the iPhone?


Michael Krisa ~

Hey Michael, thanks for the question. The short answer, in a side by side comparison the iPhone won. The Samsung Galaxy Note is a very cool Smartphone-Tablet hybrid and it does shoot crystal-clear 1920×1080 HD video. Where the iPhone (and Apple in general) won in my book was in the apps.

The Android market has a plethora of still camera apps and has a few nice video camera apps too, but the Achilles heel of the Android market is the vast array of phone manufacturers running aOS, the hardware and firmware capabilities, and the multiple OS versions makes it very difficult for developers to create something as sensitive and complex as a HD video camera app to work across all Android smartphones.

The app I used on my Droid X phone CameraPro is an impressive app. it worked in a limited sense. The app allows you to go in and tweak every setting like I have never seen before,, however if you tweak something that doesn’t jive with the hardware or OS version, it will crash and you’ll have to reopen it and find which setting caused the crash. There are forums where users share their experience with their specific phone model and os version and how the app reacts with the app, but I needed something that was more reliable and stable.  It worked only partially with the Samsung Note.

Without manual override of auto focus, white balance and exposure, I can’t use the camera for the more professional looking stuff. With our screen tests, we could not get our white background to become white when using the Samsung Galaxy Note. I liked the phone so much for other reasons, I really wanted the camera to work for us, but the apps we tried were too flaky.

As with all of this technology, the answer will change in 3-6 months. Android will have to figure this out as more people will be using the HD video cameras on their devices. Until then, I like the “control” that Apple has on the shared OS and the limited product line – in this case it works for apple and the developers.

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