These 3 Things Changed Everything for Me

Since 1991 I have had a video camera in my hand. I was fortunate enough to have a mentor (Tucker Boyd) who guided me through pro video production starting as a junior in high school. He gave me a foundation that few kids get; how to capture beautiful images, tell stories, pacing and music to move people emotionally and to create with the highest quality standards.

Yet for several years I was lured-in by the sparkle of internet marketing and tried all kinds of ways to “make $ online” doing stuff that just wasn’t me – merely for the cash to pay the bills.


When the iPhone 4 came out, I married internet marketing and easy video creation to make a living. I began teaching people how to shoot video and how to do it ‘good, fast & cheap’ – not at the high-level productions I was familiar with, but at least it was video.

I created all the technical training people needed to make good looking videos and held video marketing workshops and seminars but, something was missing. I wasn’t in love with the way I was doing it.
When I was selling $47 and $97 products, I struggled to live at the lifestyle I’d seen so many other people live ‘online’ and wondered, what the HECK is wrong with me?
Why is this so dang hard?
It wasn’t until one of my mentors (Kevin Nations) challenged me to Sell What People are Buying
… And another mentor (Jasmine Platt) got me to BE in Complete Alignment and do what I loved, what I’m passionate about and do it on my terms – not try to be Tim Ferriss, Brendon Burchard or tony Robbins
… And yet another mentor (Toby Alexander) set the example by saying it was time to Up-Level Everything
  1. Saying YES to helping people at a deeper level
  2. Saying YES to my dream
  3. Saying YES to doing everything with Impeccability
EVERYTHING CHANGED the moment I began to live in alignment with who I Am and decided to UP-LEVEL EVERYTHING. To model and deliver excellence and live in 100% integrity with who I dreamed I could be.
The problem I see everywhere is this…
The game has shifted!  Your videos now HAVE TO be GREAT. Your message HAS TO be 100% CONGRUENT with who YOU are at your core Your media has to be EVERYWHERE for people in different circles to find you If you just shoot a video with your iPhone and slap it up on YouTube, it just flat out won’t work anymore. 
If you have created a video lately and have done just that you KNOW this to be true! Just look at the growing competition! The production quality has gone WAY up, the entertainment value has risen, the strategies they now use are ADVANCED.
EVERYBODY IS UP-LEVELING and those who aren’t and are hoping to be seen as RELEVANT and AUTHORITATIVE are going to miss the boat BIG TIME. It’s all about how many channels you can be on, how many people can you grab the attention of, how congruent is your message with what people are seeing you represent, how credible do you seem…
If you look at your online presence, there is probably an incongruence between sayingyou have a successful brand and people perceiving you have a successful brand! Let me tell you, it took me YEARS to figure this out. YEARS of frustration, thousands of hours and tens-of-thousands of dollars – $106,839 in the last 19 months alone! Join me this Tuesday for a special training on all of this and how you can avoid becoming irrelevant with your media. REGISTER HERE  See you there! Matthew

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