1 MINUTE VIDEO SCHOOL: Apply this and dramatically increase your production quality.

Shooting a medium-wide shot as in this photo, and standing off to one side of center is most pleasing to the eye and one of the easiest and most versatile shots to take.

A medium-wide shot in sharp focus on eyes will allow you or an editor to zoom in to a medium shot or medium close-up shot and give the appearance of having two cameras; this adds variety and interest. It has to be in focus to work.

If you’re using a backdrop, stand far enough away from it to avoid shadows from falling on it. If using a natural background as here, be sure that it is uncluttered and supports the feeling you want people to have about you and your message.

Clear audio is even more important than perfect visuals. Use an external mic and get it pointed at your mouth (lapel or shotgun style). Record in a quite environment to minimize distractions.

Talk as if you’re talking to a friend. Use bullet points over a teleprompter. Up your energy and use your body to share your message. Use your hands and be okay with expressing yourself past your shoulders – unlike me in this still image wink emoticon

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