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AMF media mvp brand

Celebrities, household names, experts, subject authorities, those people we look up to an admire in our industry and others, are just people. What is the difference between you and them?

  • Skills
  • Clarity of communication
  • Consistency of work and communication
  • Defined Vision

My question to you is…

They chose their ONE THING and went ALL IN. In a nutshell, that’s the difference. There aren’t years between you and them as som may believe. Though years is usually how long it takes for us to develop the skills and to believe we are worthy of speaking at the very top of our skill level.

Do the people around you know what you do? Do they know the result you help people get in their lives?

What if in 90 days or fewer, you could clearly see the path to being perceived by others as one of the best in your field? It won’t happen until you are 100% clear on…

  • Why you and your business exist – what value you bring to the world
  • Where you are going, what you are building 5, 10 and 20 years from now

1. Purpose. We will dial in your purpose statement. Matthew will help you write it out until it sits well with you. Something magical happens when it finally clicks. In my past training sessions, I’ve helped people through 3 and 4 iterations where I give them feedback. That moment it clicks, their communication, posts, podcast interviews, livestreams, keynotes, all come from one, single place of a solid grasp and ownership of what their work is all about.

2. Your Big Why. We’ll craft your confessional in the group where you will have a safe space to develop your, “Why you do what you do” that your ideal clients will connect with in a deep and meaningful way. We’ll make sure that the result isn’t sympathy on one end (poor me) nor self aggrandizement on the other (look at me!), rather they hear themselves in your voice and they’ll desire that transformation you had in themselves. We’ll make sure that it speaks to your ideal client, not the masses, nor those that really need help, but don’t have the means, nor work ethic to do what is necessary to change. You’ll have guidelines that will help you hit the high points and draw people in. 

3. Vision. What do you want your life to look like. Your destiny isn’t written in stone until you are dead – literally. That hits most very powerfully. How do you craft a grand vision that is inclusive of others and cast it in such a way that you attract people to want to take that ride along side you? People will be attracted to your why, and they’ll stay because of your conviction in the declaration of how things will be. 

4. Mission. What does it look like, practically, daily to get to your end goal? How do you need to adjust your communication? When do you want to get there? What skills, relationships or partnerships will you need to develop to arrive there? We’ll go through your post or video ideas to check that you are on point and that you’re going to draw people to your message on a path leading to your vision. You will find that by implementing your mission daily, your vision will begin to manifest much sooner than you may have thought when your destination, actions, and being was vague.

5. Your ONE THING. What is the Unique Result that you want to impress upon the world? This is different from your what you offer, coaching program, book, consultation program, etc., your ONE THING is the transformation people receive through working with you. What do you want your name to become synonymous with? How can you and your result be recognized as “the one and only…?” Like the household names we discussed in the workshop, they become known for their one thing (first). Determine the central topic of your keynote, your signature topics that support it for your talks, interviews, and the hubs of your social media posts, your livestreams, your podcast, etc.

6. Your Compelling Offer. We wrap up with how you want to present your offer to the world in a way that speaks directly to their frustrations, challenges, and limitations and provides solutions in ways that you enjoy delivering and your ideal clients preferential style of receiving. 

Following each session, I will correspond with you to help you define and refine each of your MVP, your Big Why, your ONE THING, and your Compelling Offer.