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004 – Nearly 100% Enrollment Rate

I’m keeping it fresh and real.

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Do you think you have fantastic enrollment rates? Some High-Ticket sales pros refer to it as their closing rate.

3 for 10…

4 for 10…

If you think serving 40% of people who reach out to you who are prequalified and genuinely have the need, you’ve got a HUGE opportunity to serve double that.

In this episode, Matthew J Peters shares his strategy for serving as many people as humanly possible through the 10X Product Ladder Framework. Download yours at

There is really no excuse for offering a $35,000 or $5,000 product for that matter just to get your “NO” answers for the day. It was a wasted opportunity.

They’re still hungry, they’ve been educated by you and your marketing efforts and now, you’re the one who closed the door on their face and guess what?

They’re going to keep shopping. Don’t be surprised if they don’t come back because they bought from that new guy who’s got that automatic program that’s kind of like yours but different for half the price.

They are at your house, they asked to come in… Ofer them what they need.

You both agree on the desired result.

They’re a “YES” to that.

But, the price tag of $5k is not possible for them.

What do you do to add a customer within the next 60 seconds?

Listen to this week’s episode and be sure to download the 10X Product Ladder Framework .PDF at

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