Webinar Journey

Last night I put on a webinar. It was supposed to be about how to attract people to your message. People attended mostly to see what video or scripting techniques that would help them get more people to mentally or financially buy-in to their message and services.

What happened was surprising even to me.

What it turned into was a very transparent, very direct, “kick in the ass” to quote the writer of this message I just received.

I don’t enjoy putting on webinars – they’re hours and hours of work, and it’s not my strength doing live over the internet. I like seeing faces, seeing physical cues – are people getting this? Are they bored? Do they want more of this? Most of that feedback comes to me after I’ve presented a chunk – I’m working on this.

Last night GoToWebinar crashed on me twice – yet EVERYONE stayed on throughout.

What it ended up being was me telling people about my journey, where I’ve had setbacks, where I’ve figured things out and the reality of any of the success I’ve had using video or media.

It is all about the BEING and capturing that elegantly, communicating your message clearly, deciding to play all-in and choose a mission in life and burn the ships.

We attract what we are. When we put on a facade, that is exactly what and who we attract. If we are flakey, inconsistent manifests many ways. If we are secure in ourselves and communicate that, we attract stability in many forms.

Thought leaders don’t jump from one ship to another – or change direction with the winds of fads. They are on a path, come hell or high seas, they are determined to correct course and move though it long enough to find the calm waters on the other side.

The thing I see most people lack is in the BEING department. BE, DO, HAVE.

The DOing part is easy. Buy a system and just follow it to HAVE what we want in life. The Being is the “showing up” as they say – it is the showing up fully as yourself. 99% of the journey from complacent to outstanding life/business is between our ears.

Desire – Know what you want in life
Identity – Be true to who you are at your core
Mastery – Choose to continually deepen your skill in the ONE THING
Legacy – Build something that will leave the world/life better
Value – Provide amazing transformation. From pain to relief or freedom
Action – Do the work
Communicate – Clearly and lovingly share the essence of the above

Leadership and success come with a price. Internal and external resistance are the guards that nature has placed to protect the sacredness of the position. Without undergoing the trials, the course corrections, the frustration, the leader would lack depth and perspective that would allow them to lead others through those same layers of resistance. Success would be shallow, unappreciated and ultimately become some kind of curse.

There’s no bypassing the BEing part. It’s what I believe we’ve all been placed in this life to experience – the maturing of our soul, discovery of our essence, the understanding and service to each other.

The less expedient, the life-long joy and fulfillment starts within yourself. The being determines what you will experience the rest of your life.

Knowing the depth of oneself, accepting it and realizing it is so rare that people are drawn to it. The true leader is the realized, complete self; authentically communicating just that.

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