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Evolution 8-Week Online Training Program

I'm giving you my best. I'm all about clear communication and let me tell you, to run a business that has now brought in over $700,000 in premium services sales, I've needed to understand A LOT of different aspects of running that business - this goes far beyond just video.

Four things I have come to understand from the most successful people that hire me are..

1. They take action immediately
2. They know who they are
3. They know where they are going
4. They do not make excuses

This 8 Part Series will train you on...

Module  1: 
MVP Goals & The Limitless Mindset
Double Feature that helps you once and for all DEFINE your Mission, Vision and Purpose and create a compelling vision that will attract the higest level, committed people to you.
Learn how to flip the internal switch from a limited, excuse-driven life of lack  to getting in the mode to attract, intuit, create and manifest what you truly desire

Module  2: 
Ultimate Clarity Video Template
How to Clarify Your Message For Maximum Profit and Impact in the World.
Without CLARITY of message, even the best
social media strategy will go sour and cost you thousands of dollars in attracting the WRONG people to your programs.

Module  3: 
The 6-Figure/Month Profit Funnel
From capturing leads, compelling offers, collecting payment to welcoming new high-ticket clients into your premium programs, automate & streamline an experience that matches the investment you are requesting.

Module  4: 
How to Deliver Premium Products and Services Without Stress
Learn how to have fun working with people who you like and are highly probable to get results offering your very best on your own terms.

Module  5:
Creating Your Million Dollar Presence
Attract the top 10% of your market by clarifying, unifying and amplifying your highest values and have a presence online that you can finally be proud of. To attract premium clients, people need to know that you have a unified voice and online presence.

Module  6:
Duplicate Yourself Through Hiring
How I went from overworked jack of all trades to a team of over 15 and a manager to run it all. Learn how to get off the hampster wheel and hire people who can do it better, faster and cheaper than you! Free yourself up to only doing the things you truly enjoy.

Module  7:
Creating a 4-Hour Work Week with Systems Systemizing YOU. Getting your successful processes out of your head and on to paper and into software - Your next critical step for exponential growth!

Module  8:
Thought Leader Platform Master Plan
Bringing all of your media together into ONE cohesive mid to high 6-figure year through a year ssocial media strategy, books, 8-week programs, 3-day events, seminars, radio and TV content and more!

Training Also Includes

+ Instant Acces 8 Trainings
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+ Access to Highly Valuable Bonus

+ Monthly Live Call (have Matthew answer your buring strategy and implementation questions)
+ Secret Forum to get your questions answered (you won't be alone) 


I will show you how I transformed my technician-talent into a lifestyle business that I love delivering and show you how you can apply it in your business to support a lifestyle you fully deserve and enjoy.

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We promise to treat you, our client as the fully-capable and POWER-FULL adult you are.

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